Spotting the Signs of Prostate Problems Early

Posted on: 14 March 2017

Symptoms of problems with your prostate could be a sign of enlargement, inflammation (prostatitis) or prostate cancer, so it's important to spot the early warnings so you can get treatment. Prostate disorders are common in men over 50 and are usually not serious.

The treatment you may need could vary in its nature but needn't be anything to be concerned about. Prostate inflammation can be treated with medication, and the symptoms of an enlarged prostate can often be improved through lifestyle changes.

Even if prostate surgery is required, advances in robotics in recent years have made this a much more reliable and simple process than before. So look out for any of these symptoms, and see a doctor quickly if you experience any of them.

Difficulty urinating

One of the more common prostate-related symptoms is difficulty starting urination. It's often a symptom of prostate enlargement or inflammation, in particular, but can also be a cancer warning sign, so don't delay in getting checked out.

Other related signs are a weak urine flow and straining to pee.

Weakened bladder control

If you suddenly find you need to pee a lot more frequently and have to rush, this is another telltale sign of prostate issues. Also look out for difficulty stopping once you start urinating, with an ongoing dribble afterwards a particularly noteworthy sign. You might also feel like your bladder often doesn't feel like it's emptied fully.

Needing to pee in the night

Men with an enlarged prostate or prostatitis often find they wake up frequently in the night with a need to pee desperately. This is another one that might be a sign of cancer, however, so don't try and ignore it if you experience this symptom.

Pelvic, genital or lower back pain

Pain in any of these areas is most likely a sign of prostatitis. You may also experience pain in the buttocks, and all of the painful areas might become worse while urinating or only hurt while you pee. These uncomfortable symptoms are more likely if the inflammation is caused by a bacterial infection, so get to a doctor for an examination as quickly as you can.

Pain when ejaculating

This can be a particularly unpleasant symptom that can cause significant distress. It's more likely to be a sign of prostatitis than any other prostate problem and is probably treatable using medication. Don't suffer in silence – see a doctor and start getting past this particular problem.


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