• How to Protect Your Eyes During Your Studies

    From watching PowerPoint presentations to working their way through lengthy reading lists, most students rely on their eyes to help them learn. However, all that reading and screen time can put the eyes under a lot of strain. Here are four ways to help protect your eyesight during your studies. 1. Get Your Eyes Checked Wearing glasses that have an outdated prescription can strain your eyes, which could lead to headaches or fatigue.
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  • Spotting the Signs of Prostate Problems Early

    Symptoms of problems with your prostate could be a sign of enlargement, inflammation (prostatitis) or prostate cancer, so it's important to spot the early warnings so you can get treatment. Prostate disorders are common in men over 50 and are usually not serious. The treatment you may need could vary in its nature but needn't be anything to be concerned about. Prostate inflammation can be treated with medication, and the symptoms of an enlarged prostate can often be improved through lifestyle changes.
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  • Five Reasons to See a Physiotherapist When You Are Pregnant or Postpartum

    When you think of physiotherapy, you may think of rehabilitation after an injury or learning to cope with a long-term disability. In most cases, people don't think about using physiotherapy to prepare for childbirth. However, if you are pregnant, you may want to consider using physiotherapy in some or all of the following ways. 1. Address Neck and Back Pain Being pregnant can lead to a lot of back and neck pain, and even after you have the baby, carrying it around can strain your muscles.
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